Making A Dashed Brush

    Hi! Here’s a simple image tutorial on how to make a dashed brush like the one in the image below.


    Check out the full tutorial under the cut…

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Link - 8-30-2014 - 1 day ago
photoshop tutorial brush tutorial photoshop tutorial brush brushes Photoshop Brush

    So, I wanted to post this just so you followers know…

    I will be posting a graphic tutorial up this weekend (today probably), but I don’t know how I’m going to post it. There are several parts that can be their own tutorials, but I may annoy you all with the constant posts of smaller tutorials rather than one large tutorial.

    It’ll include how to make a type of brush, a text/brush effect, and a picture effect.

    Once I figure out which way I’ll post it, I’ll post it!

Link - 8-30-2014 - 2 days ago

    Changing Eye Color w/ Contacts/Eye Stock ~ Video Tutorial

    Click the link above for a video tutorial on how to use images of contacts and images of eyes to change the color of someone’s eyes. It’s easy and looks realistic.

    (I used CS6 in the video, but it will work in almost all versions.)

Link - 8-19-2014 - 1 week ago
change eye color photoshop tutorial video tutorial tutorial photoshop cs cs6 eye color change color

    How to make & save an action…

    Hi! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make and save your own actions…check it out under the cut! (sorry to those who hate ‘under the cut’ posts).

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Link - 8-18-2014 - 2 weeks ago
action photoshop action actions photoshop actions tutorial basic basic photoshop

    Preppy Text ~ Video Tutorial
    Click the link for a video tutorial on how to edit text to look like the text above.

Link - 8-12-2014 - 2 weeks ago
video tutorial photoshop tutorial preppy text video tutorial cs cs4 photoshop Text Tutorial text


    It took forever to make my incredibly simple new theme X] It’s a lot more organized and a little wider. The navigation is categorized and I added up new pages and updated a few old ones.

    Twenty fonts for download (my favorite/most used fonts)
    All actions are now on a page for easy download

    I hope you all like the new theme. The website is down right now, so I’m just going to update this tumblr only from now on.


Link - 8-11-2014 - 3 weeks ago
actions photoshop actions fonts free fonts photoshop action update news theme announcement

    My name is Jessica. I post mostly PhotoShop resources. Actions, PSD's, and tutorials. Check out my personal for more information.


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